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Annual Mean Temperature Trends – 12 Airports

This animated gif ¬†shows changes in annual mean temperature at 12 East Coast USA airports that had continuous daily data for the 1950 – 2015 period. The data was retrieved from Weather Underground using the R weatherData package . 11 … Continue reading

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RClimate Script to Plot 90+ days in summer

The weatherData package, link , makes it very easy to retrieve detailed weather data from hundreds of stations across the US. I developed this script to retrieve and plot daily maximum and minimum temperatures and highlight days with 90+ max … Continue reading

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Tracking Precipitation by Day-of-Year

Plotting cumulative day-of-year precipitation can helpful in assessing how the current year’s rainfall compares with long term averages. This plot shows the cumulative rainfall by day-of-year for Philadelphia International Airports rain gauge. The source data was downloaded from the Pa … Continue reading

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This blog focuses on how to use R to study climate data. I will be using readily available public ¬†climate data and R to understand global warming and climate trends. These charts show the types of that I will be … Continue reading

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