D Kelly O’Day, PE Retired

I am a retired environmental engineer with a BS (University of Maryland) and MS (Drexel University). I worked as a professional engineer for 40 years in all phases of water quality, water supply and wastewater disposal in Philadelphia and Boston metropolitan areas. I am a retired professional engineer (PE) in Pennsylvania.

The USA has made great strides in improving the water quality of our rivers and streams since my early career days in 1967. As I watched and modestly participated in these improvements , I began to realize that the global environmental problems were also critically severe, with global warming presenting a threat even greater than water pollution.

In 2005 I started my 1st web site that focused on environmental trends. I started to study global warming to see for myself what the science indicated. Here is a link to my early global warming investigations.

In 2008 I switched web platforms and started my Climate Charts & Graphs blog to help interested citizen climate scientists learn about climate science and global warming.

As a proud E Mt Airy resident, I believe in thinking globally and acting locally. My wife and I are lucky to have found our dream house in a beautiful, friendly, tree lined Philadelphia neighborhood with wonderful people. We also have a neighborhood eyesore that we will work to beautify.

This blog provides information and examples on how to retrieve, visualize and analyze climate data with R,